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Internet feeds are special files, which may be go through by practically any laptop, and therefore are normally applied to transfer and provide essential information and facts, news updates, and much more. These goods might be obtained by any of a number of applications referred to as readers or aggregators. Once the information is obtained, an aggregator will display the feed inside a more simply readable and "user friendly" format.

World wide web customers can subscribe to internet feeds and obtain automatic updates, created to your web feed, the minute they're published. Consumers can many moments watch these updates on the web, inside the circumstance of information updates, or else you can down load the data on your computer system, as may be the case for those who had a subscription into a podcast or vidcasts. The method is known as syndication and customers can entry every one of the details from one particular place on a residence computer system, rather then need to entry dozens of sites to skim materials; quite a few moments the feeds will contain brief summaries of your content pieces and information accessible, and to complete reading through the information you will need to click by way of for the site. With website feeds customers can now acquire almost any articles including information headlines, website posts, lists, podcasts, and vidcasts (video podcasts).

So what exactly is RSS? RSS stands for Seriously Simple Syndication and it is actually an XML-based format for sharing and distributing World wide web subject material. RSS is now the dominant alternative for making internet feeds throughout the net. Users can commonly figure out the availability of a RSS/XML feed on the website by the visual appeal of an orange RSS icon. Though you can find no conventional icon for RSS feeds, most sites show them as orange. Webmasters have come up with as a lot of distinctive icons for RSS feeds, because they have arrive up with makes use of with the feeds themselves. RSS icons are very easily identifiable once a user is familiar with what they can be browsing for.

Ten Cool Things You Can Do With Webfeeds

Getting bored with using webfeeds to read blogs? Then here’s the Cutting Through Guide To 10 Cool Things You Can Do With Webfeeds

Get a new slant on the news

Get a new perspective on the world by subscribing to a webfeed from the world’s most respected broadcaster. The BBC offers webfeeds for all its news and current affairs output, together with much more besides.

Find out what’s going on with the weather

Want to know if it’s raining in Linton-on-Ouse? Pay a visit to RSSWeather.com and enter a city, state or ICAO airport code to find out what the weather’s doing at your nearest airport.

Follow in a guru’s footsteps

The management guru’s management guru Tom Peters has a blog where he holds forth about all things guruish - and the contents of his suitcase

Find out when Granny lands at Heathrow

Waiting for a flight to arrive? Then use Robert Price’s UK flight arrival and departure feeds to check on the ;latest movements of flights to and from the UK. Want to know if her flight from JFK left late - PubSub’s airport alerts feed will keep you informed.

Spy on other people’s bookmarks

Interested in what other people are linking to? Then take a look at the webfeeds at del.icio.us. You can subscribe to the latest bookmarks or an individual keyword that you’re interested in.

Keep track of your bookmarks

Once you’ve set up your own del.icio.us account, grab a webfeed of your bookmarks straight into your newsreader…

Keep an eye on what others are saying about you

Want to know what’s being said about you on the web? Don’t bother Googling when you can use PubSub - just create a personalised feed to search for the search term of your choice, and have the results delivered driect to your newsreader

Find out what your MP has been up to

Wondering what your Member of Parliament has been doing to justify your vote come the next election? Subscribe to their Recent Appearances webfeed, and get details of their questions and contributions to debates in the House of Commons - then fax them about it

Roll your own newsfeed

Found a news source that hasn’t got webfeeds yet (oh, the shame)? No problem - use Newsisfree to grab and build a custom webfeed from their database of 14,000 sources…

Look for items on eBay

Looking for that perfect Christmas present? Set up an eBay search, and then subscribe to the results in your newsreader…


Another eBay feed script is ebayFeed, which works in addition with international eBay portals, plus it is open-source and can be installed on your own server.


Just wondered if you were aware that when I comment from feedreader, like I did above, I have no problems.

In IE, (I haven't tried firefox yet) I get a non resizeable window that I have to "Shuggy" in order to see other peoples comments. (Shuggy = move from side to side)

The side sections appear in the comment window too. Is this deliberate?

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