With the many hacking within the news on the minute, a great deal of persons are asking, how do I develop a safe password, to maintain my e-mail account/computer/bank account/Amazon account and so forth, secure and shielded from undesired intrusion.

Below is usually a rapid tutorial to making a protected password.

The top most typical passwords are;







Peoples Names e.g. Thomas, James, Sarah, Graham, Claire.

Pet Names. E.g. whiskers, woof.

Activity Clubs E.g. Arsenal or the Red Socks,

Tv indicate names or characters. E.g. rachaelgreen, xfiles, mulder,

Film names or characters. E.g. tomcruise, sexandthecity, j amesbond etc.

Animals E.g. Monkey, Tiger, Horse, Dog, Cat, Pooch, Whiskers and so forth.

The previously mentioned password examples are the to begin with that a hacker or a single of their password sniffer applications will try and crack your account.

To generate a password that should secure you, you are going to have to mix it up a tad and believe outdoors the box.

Possess a minimal size of 7 characters E.g

Have a mixture of upper and reduced scenario characters E.g. ecA

Have a very very few numbers from the mix E.g. e9cA1

Have a very symbol or two E.g. e9cA&1!

You should also change your password regularly to stop individuals sneaking a look over your shoulder.

So e9cA&1! is a great password but not very memorable and obviously you don't want to write it down as that defeats the object of developing a safe password from the initially place. But you can create a memorable password that is almost as secure by combining the secure methods with something that you might remember.

How about these they are both memorable and safe!



It is important to remember that no password is totally protected If someone has enough time and money they will be able to crack it, what you are trying do is make it so difficult and time consuming to break in they will move onto someone else's.

if you have multiple accounts you should have multiple passwords, you should not use the same password for everything, other wise if someone does crack your password they will have access to everything.

Even if you have a very secure password and you don't write it down and you make sure no one particular a person "shoulder surfing" (looking over your back when you are typing. you should keep an eye out on your accounts for unusual activity, if you sport somethings odd you should change your password on the first opportunity.

 Secure passwords with nursery rhymes

I’ve lost count of the number of user accounts that I have to remember passwords for - so like most of the rest of the human race, I have a tendency to use the same password for everything. Simple to remember, which is great - but the need for a strong password is even more critical if you’re going to take risks like this.

Unfortunately strong passwords are difficult to remember, because the best ones are effectively random strings of characters - and we humans crave patterns. So here’s a quick technique to help create seemingly-random passwords that are easier to remember.

Take a phrase or saying, or perhaps a line from a song that you can remember readily, then type the first letter of each word as you say it to yourself. So if you find that you can easily remember “The Grand Old Duke Of York, He Had Ten Thousand Men”, you’d end up typing “tgodoyhhttm”. To the casual onlooker, that’s pretty random!

You can make it even more secure by throwing in a few number / character substitutions - zeros for the letter ‘o’, for example. So now our password becomes ‘tg0d0yhhttm’ - and if we used some other arbitrary switches - say ‘$’ for ‘h’ - we’ve got ‘thg0d0y$$ttm’, which looks even worse, but is still easy to remember once you’ve typed it a couple of times.

Try this next time your password expires instead of dog names and children’s birthdays, and you’ll be surprised how quickly it becomes second nature…

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