Create your own blurb

It didn’t take long for mainstream dead-tree publishers to catch onto the potential of turning blogs into books - O’Reilly and Microsoft Press to mention just two - and now it seems that the vanity publishers are following suit.

Via Springwise comes news of Blurb, an online printing outfit who offer Booksmart -  a means of transforming a blog archive into a preformatted book.   It’s a pretty logical extension of the photo printing model that sees sites like Flickr offer partnerships with offline fulfillment partners.

It’s not particularly cheap - $30 or so for 40 pages of 8×10 colour, but it’ll certainly fill a niche - and the added twist is the online marketplace that’s planned; so once you’ve transformed your blog into a neat pile of dead tree, you can flog it online (and presumably Blurb takes a cut of the proceeds here, too).

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