The future’s bright, the future’s - anthropomorphic?

Once upon a time, Orange were different - they had one of the most innovative brand identities ever seen, and they made a point of being different when there was little or nothing to choose between the existing two incumbent mobile networks (remember children, once upon a time there was no such thing as a rebranded carrier - you could have your mobile service in two flavours, one Vodafone, one Cellnet.)  The future was bright, the future was Orange.

Then the suits took over, service declined and Orange ceased to be anything other than Just Another Mobile Network.   The other networks copied their tariffs and service packages, and their advertising agency dreamt up instantly forgettable campaigns featuring Hard-nosed Businessmen, annoying 10-year-old know-it-all geeks, and guru figures.

That process has reached its logical conclusion with the news of new Orange tariffs, which are named after animals.   Are you a Dolphin, a Panther, a Canary or a Raccoon?   None of the above as it happens, having abandoned Orange years ago, but it seems that their marketing department is staffed entirely by Asses and Peewits…

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