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Scary Jargon For Project Managers, Part 2 Of An Occasional Series: the BCG Matrix

Monday, April 4th, 2005

BCG matrix The BCG matrix is a means of categorising different products and services within an organisation’s product portfolio. It was developed by the Boston Consulting Group (hence the name) and is often to be found where strategy and marketing collide.

The fundamental principle behind the BCG matrix is that market share and market growth rates will affect the profitability and cash-generating potential of a product or service. By looking at the market share that a product or service has, and the growth rate of the market itself, you can allocate a product and service to one of four types.

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Scary Jargon For Project Managers, Part 1 Of An Occasional Series: Depreciation

Sunday, April 3rd, 2005

[This is the first of an occasional series to help demystify some of the Scary Jargon Terms that get banded around an organisation, and which project managers may come across from time to time. Managing budgets and finances is an integral part of the project manager’s role, but relatively few project managers will […]

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